Transform and Perform 

Top Army priority on occupant centric protection has generated a prerequisite for seating technologies that can provide an extensive range of superior capabilities that must satisfy current and future needs for ground and sea military vehicles. Non-traditional warfare has become a prevalent threat and, as a result, are shaping how the military designs, builds, and operates its combat force. As the threat evolves, additional emphasis is being placed on the soldier survivability, as well as other critical capabilities are set forth for seating technology as a whole. Fundamental to blast protection and mechanical isolation between the occupant and vehicle, seating technology must conform to a wide range of soldier body fitment support, gender and personal protection equipment. Another vital role for seating technology is to perform in complex scenarios dictated by a post kinetic event and present a conducive role in a timely and successful evacuation of injured personnel out of vehicle. The State-Of-The-Art Energy Attenuation (EA) Seats will bring forward a completely different approach to seating design principals and how the future seating technology will interface with the occupants, vehicle interior and will open the door for a wide range of operational flexibility that currently does not exist.



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